Synolyne Pharma becomes… KiOmed Pharma


Liège-Herstal (Belgium) – January 8, 2016 – Synolyne Pharma has announced its change of name to KiOmed Pharma in order to better reflect its growth aspirations beyond the area of joint health. The company is also celebrating the launch of its outstanding operation facilities, representing an investment of more than 1.5m€. With this investment, KiOmed Pharma now has the capacity to produce its first innovative hydrogel based on ultrapure chitosan gel of plant origin, following strict pharmaceutical GMP guidelines.

KiOmed Pharma is exploiting innovative biomaterials with high potential as bioresorbable implants for regenerative medicine, in particular in the area of rheumatology. “Our ultrapure chitosan hydrogel will deliver a highly efficient treatment for arthrosis. It will be administered by viscosupplementation, a technique that consists of injecting a viscoelastic product into the joint. The product mimicks the healthy synovial fluid properties, thereby alleviating the degraded synovium in patients suffering from arthrosis or in top athletes”, explained Professor Yves Henrotin, President of KiOmed Pharma.

Beyond the restoration of the articular synovium, the chitosan gel technologies are also of considerable interest in the areas of dermatology and ophthalmology. “Our unique advantages rely on the vegetable origin of our products, their longer persistence when implanted within body tissue and the possibility of injecting them through minimally invasive fine needles. These unique features are highly relevant to new fields and a market worth more than 5 billon € is now accessible to us”, explained Houtaï Choumane, CEO of KiOmed Pharma . “We wanted to create a new brand that will sustain these growth perspectives and the development of a larger product range thanks to KiOmedine®, the building block of all our products. The KiOmed Pharma brand name came out naturally”, concluded Mr. Choumane.

Download the full press release: 2016-01-08 Press Release KiOmed Pharma