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About ultrapure animal-free chitosan

Ultrapure chitosan is a well-known biopolymer that has been used in a wide array of biomedical applications. It has been both mastered and appreciated by a number of renowned scientists and is now being marketed for certain indications, such as hemostats and cartilage repair.

This strong enabling biomaterial not only adds more valuable and safer clinical efficiency to innovative therapies but also offers medical and pharmaceutical companies the possibility of differentiating their final products.


Our ultrapure chitosan features ultra purity, outstanding traceability and has tightly controlled molecular characteristics, namely molecular weight and degree of acetylation. Thanks to its high safety profile, reproducibility and its comprehensive documentation, our chitosan features remarkable, tunable molecular characteristics and properties. This in turn opens up many opportunities in terms of producing highly specific customized products and formulations.

Our animal-free ultrapure chitosan has controlled and consistent molecular characteristics and outstanding purity. Together, these factors will guarantee the high performance and safety of your formulations and products.

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