Gel viscosupplement

KiOmed Pharma is currently developing an animal-free chitosan-based viscosupplement to address a major issue in the joint health market: Osteoarthritis.

The gel viscosupplement and its novel chitosan-based formulation technologies is a breakthrough innovation on the viscosupplementation market, which is based on animal-free, medical grade biomaterials developed by KiOmed Pharma. The formulation found in the gel viscosupplement  is the culmination of five years of high quality R&D programs and is protected by a patent with exclusive rights belonging to KiOmed Pharma.

This implantable intra-articular device is safe and has shown high single dose efficacy in preclinical proof-of-concept. The formulation used in the gel viscosupplement exhibits sustained chondroprotective efficacy through enhanced shock absorption and is able to restore the rheological profile of healthy synovial fluid.

This thermosensitive hydrogel is easy to inject at room temperature and exhibits interesting lubricant and bioadhesive properties for restoring the rheological profile of healthy synovial fluid.


With respect to preliminary data, the gel viscosupplement is expected to be an animal-free, single-dose injection viscosupplement with superior performance and tolerance compared to hyaluronic acids. It will provide a safe and effective alternative to hyaluronic acid with unique patented technologies.

Key product attributes of the gel viscosupplement will bring innovation and differentiation to the viscosupplementation market through superior performance and cost-benefit compared to the existing hyaluronic acid offer.

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Chondroprotective effect of

Chitosan beads through enhanced

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Persistent efficacy of

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Thermo-formable hydrogel

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