Customized development

We help you to develop cost-effective and innovative medical devices and implants with unique competitive advantages to capture the market share in high-end applications

Capitalizing on our expertise acquired through the development of breakthrough animal-free chitosan-biomaterials (customized Chitosan, Hydrogels, Smartbeads etc), KiOmed Pharma offers a customizable solution for the development of innovative high-end therapeutic medical devices and implants.

How can we boost your projects ?

Thanks to the animal-free origin of our chitosan, we believe that we can reduce regulatory hurdles, development costs and ultimately time-to-market for the market authorization of your chitosan-derived product.

Medical devices manufactured using materials of animal origin raise concerns about potential hazards to human health, such as contamination by bacteria, viruses or other transmissible agents. Our ultra-pure chitosan does not face this problem as it is 100% animal-free. With our IP assets, expertise and a multidisciplinary team expert in business development, biopolymer chemistry, process analytics, regulatory and cGMP manufacturing, KIOmed Pharma provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices companies support throughout their entire projects.

We help you from the lab-scale formulation development and product prototyping right through to the regulatory support. We conduct preclinical and clinical studies and the industrial production of customized chitosan or derivatives.