Ultrapure animal-free chitosan-based Smartbeads to boost the clinical efficacy and residency of viscosupplements within joints

About Smartbeads

Smartbeads are a breakthrough technology that is capable of increasing the efficacy and residency of existing hyaluronic acid viscosupplementation products in the treatment and pain relief of Osteoarthritis.

The Smartbeads are three-dimensionally compressible and deformable gel microbeads of ~200-µm in diameter, which are made of animal-free ultrapure chitosan. The microbeads act by enhancing the shock absorption capability of a viscosupplement in a long-lasting way.


Chondroprotection and a favorable rheological profile are both key elements in terms of slowing down the progression of the disease in patients who suffer from Osteoarthritis. This was the basis for the creation of the Smartbeads.

We have succeeded in proving that the Smartbeads are capable of boosting the efficacy of the current leading viscosupplements (see Arthrovisc). Applications already use the Smartbeads technology to boost the efficiency of their product.

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