Easy to inject, persistent and effective chitosan-based hydrogel

Chitosan-based hydrogel

KiOmed Pharma has unique expertise in chitosan-based formulations of hydrogel and how they are used in regenerative medicine (for example with bone repair, cartilage repair and chondroprotection, cardiac tissues, the nervous system, tissue filling) and cell-therapy applications.


The innovative thermo gels developed at KiOmed Pharma are easy to inject and thanks to their thermogelling properties this is even the case for small joints. The liquid at storage temperature becomes viscous at physiological temperatures. Their rheological properties can be customized to restore synovial fluid in the arthritis joints and become compatible with physiological pH.


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Unique thermo-gels technology

“Sol” at storage temperature

  • Tunable “sol” properties
  • Easy to inject using small needles

“Gel” at physiological temperature

  • Tunable “gel” properties: tunable viscosity and rheological profile