Our Mission

We provide safer and more efficient therapeutic solutions to patients who suffer from high impact pathologies.

KiOmed Pharma is a spin-off from Liège University (Belgium). We focus on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of safer and exceptionally efficient medical devices and implants that integrate proprietary animal-free chitosan-based technologies.

We capitalize on these breakthrough technologies to develop – either by ourselves or in a partnership – a pipeline of innovative products aimed at addressing the vast unmet medical needs in ophthalmology, hemostasis, biosurgery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. A clear example is our revolutionary injectable Arthrovisc, which has been designed to combat the progression of osteoarthritis.

Our Strategy

Thanks to our animal-free and ultrapure chitosan-based innovative technologies we are able to develop safer and highly efficient medical devices and implants that will greatly help patients suffering from high-impact pathologies. We possess both unique and sustainable competitive advantages and these will not only create long term value for ourselves but also for our partners. Our strategy is to seek opportunities where we can lead the way in our sector both in intellectual and industrial terms.

Our Markets

Our focus is on high-end markets. It is here where we are convinced that our unique animal-free chitosan-based technologies perform in an outstanding manner in terms of safety, clinical outcome, market adoption and cost-effectiveness. Joint health, regenerative medicine, biosurgery and hemostats are the key areas where our animal-free technologies will succeed. This is because it is these areas where we can address hitherto unmet medical needs and achieve improved performances and clinical results.