Management team


CEO & Managing Director

Dr. Choumane has been both CEO and Managing Director of KiOmed Pharma since March 2014.

He has acquired a broad experience in the management and business development of innovative biotech companies. He has a highly diverse background that combines a technical element (he holds a PhD in Sciences) and business administration (he received an Executive MBA from HEC-Paris), as well as a Major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Babson College (MA, USA).

He served as COO for KiOmed Pharma from its inception in 2012 up to March 2014, where he was appointed both CEO and Managing Director. Dr. Choumane acquired experience in joint health markets as the CEO of Artialis S.A, a first-mover biotech company that specialized in the development and the clinical applications of biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of musculoskeletal disorders. As CEO, he drove and accelerated value creation at Genewave S.A, a development-stage diagnostics company that specialized in hospital-acquired infections, which capitalized on its innovation and R&D.

Dr. Choumane started his carrier as R&D project manager at the European Commission and Genewave S.A. It was at Genewave where he developed and patented innovative technologies for life science and medical diagnostics.

Dr Sandrine GAUTIER

Value Stream Director

Dr. Gautier is responsible for creating value for the company and our customers.

Prior to joining KiOmed Pharma in 2014, she managed the Design & Development team at KitoZyme, the goal of which was to design new formulations for health & nutrition applications, develop functional biosourced biopolymers, as well as set-up and improve production processes. She also established strategic partnerships for KitoZyme while leading the Business Development team.

Prior to joining KitoZyme, Dr. Gautier led research projects in the field of implants for ophthalmology and tissue engineering at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine, as well as in the field of nanoparticulate drug delivery systems at the Center for Education and Research on Macromolecules at the University of Liège.

She holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (Rouen, France) specializing in polymer science, and a PhD in Chemistry from the Research Center on Artificial Biopolymers (University of Montpellier 1, France), specializing in biomaterials for drug delivery.


Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Douette is Chief Operating Officer of KiOmed Pharma and is responsible for overseeing all of the operations -from Design & Development right through to GMP production. He is responsible for the facility management and actively contributes towards developing the Quality culture within the organization.

He has previous experience in the GMP-regulated Biopharmaceuticals industry as a Scientist at GSK-Vaccines, as GMP Quality Control manager at Eurogentec and as COO at Artialis, which is a clinical Contract Research Organization.

Dr. Douette holds a Master in Biochemistry and a PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Liège, as well as a Management degree from the Catholic University of Louvain.